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The Canadian Olympic Committee is sorry about a heated "cafeteria discussion" between a member of its team and a Russian.
Well, I'm sorry too because obviously, just like so many of your colleagues, you just do not grasp the skills of negotiation.
I'm sorry that I'm causing the Republicans to lose control of the Senate, and I'm sorry they wish I'd never been born.
Forgiveness blooms in the heart of the one who's wronged, but it's planted by the one who says, "I'm sorry.
I'm Sorry to Hear connects funeral professionals and consumers in a dedicated online marketplace.
I was seldom truly sorry for having snapped back rudely to my mother, kicked the cat, flicked saliva-soaked paper pellets across a classroom or pulled the tempting ponytail of that nauseating lisping girl sitting in front of me.
It would help me so much to be able to do so although now I think I should only transmit one word to you: sorry.
England World Cup apologies 1 Cesare Prandelli Italy boss "I am terribly sorry not just for the English but also for us as we wanted to win.
24 ( ANI ): Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has said that he feels sorry for sacked Manchester United manager David Moyes.
TV presenter Fiona Phillips says she wishes she'd said sorry to her parents before they died for the way she behaved as a teenager.
Mind you, we do say sorry rather a lot, and quite often as a response for something for which we are blameless.