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Although London has been regarded as the centre for the production of scientific instruments, Alison Morrison-Low's study of the contribution made by Sottish instrument makers suggests that their work cannot be excluded from any assessment of the role of these artisans in the Enlightenment.
The price includes a four-course dinner each evening, full Sottish breakfast and a round of golf on the Ailsa Open Championship Course.
Bhoys' Bobby Petta predicts Sottish Premier League win No 12 and says: "Then we can think in terms of winning the championship.
But Labour's much reduced majority in the first Sottish by-election of this Parliment (in Paisley) warned of the risks to come.
Tis very pleasing to our Lord Jesus Christ, that our Children should be well formed with, and well-informed in the Rules of Civility; and not be left a clownish, and sottish, and Ill bred sort of Creatures.
The insider said: "It was well-known that David wanted to use his Sottish accent.
The Scarlets made a formal complaint to league chiefs over the performance of Sottish referee Graham Knox after their 20-18 defeat by Ulster at Ravenhill.
The Sottish SPCA said Laird ought to be examined by psychiatrists.
Finish by hand without overworking mixture - just bring together to form a sottish but firm (not sticky) dough.
A spokeswoman for Swalec, which is owned by Sottish and Southern Energy, said while consumption limits linked to the number of bedrooms were being introduced, easywarm customers would not pay extra if they went above them.