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There's a view that a long commute is tedious and soul-destroying.
I am no Victor Meldrew but when there is a dearth of watchable TV, I often resort to writing up an autobiographical journal (not for hope of publication), merely to escape the boredom of soul-destroying TV.
FEARNE and Holly Go Dating is the most soul-destroying telly since Keith Chegwin stripped starkers for Naked Jungle.
Not a thing to welcome in their random distribution of desperate, soul-destroying misery.
After a while the one-night stands can be soul-destroying.
So the Walk-in Centre in Stoney Stanton Road - a wonderful innovation which saved many people from a trek to hospital and a soul-destroying wait - will have restricted opening hours.
Now we have that most soul-destroying crime of burglary almost legalised by the Government's instructions to our courts not to jail the burglar.
A joint approach, with the principles of the Stephen Lawrence report at its heart, with central government, local government, business and community groups working together with the Labour movement would be the best way to cope with this soul-destroying prejudice.
MTV pours out its slick, seductive images, and the radio blasts its shock-jock crudities and soul-destroying music.
It is soul-destroying to see the club and players in this predicament.
IT must be a bit soul-destroying being a Wolves fan at the moment, as they seem to be getting the cold shoulder from a number of managers.
I live in the city centre and have to walk through this area twice a day and it's soul-destroying to see these people take over.