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Norful's voice is smooth, silky, and sincere, as he sings his beliefs with soul-stirring conviction.
Wetherell's soul-stirring prose is not simply a journey of self discovery--it's a tribute to the American experience, and the landcape that makes it possible.
30pm Featuring a mix of soulful music and soul-stirring poetry Friday: Nuit d'Afrique - Arc, Stockton, 7.
The concert by Rajesh Vaidhya and his team won the applause of music lovers in the capital city as he rendered soul-stirring numbers.
France's La Marseillaise and the Italians' L'Inno di Mameli are the perfect type of soul-stirring songs needed to fire you up for battle.
Factor in soul-stirring views and an energetic crowd--from small tykes in floaties to sun-worshipping teens to serious lap swimmers--and you've got a perfect summer combination.
The closing four tracks were sustained excellence, starting with a soul-stirring You Stole The Sun From My Heart and followed by Little Baby Nothing, which had Nicky Wire so wound-up he wielded his bass above his head in triumph, roaring the vocals off-mic.
Their soul-stirring battle against the elements has become a parable of the dangers of taking shortcuts or hesitating on the trail, as well as chronicle of heroism among the rescuers and the emigrants caught in a desperate situation.
With his new album Nashville, he takes on the country category, and the result is a soul-stirring collection that exposes the shared roots of all-American popular music.
Much of the soul-stirring ``Veneer'' -- containing ``Crosses'' and ``Stay in the Shade,'' both used in episodes of ``The O.
With outstanding tunes like the wonderful opening cut, "Turtles Tear", the soul-stirring, "Windtalkers" and a touching tribute to his illustrious Dad entitled, "Tears from So Many Years", the talented Cherokee combines the best of traditional flute and contemporarysounds.
Whether you want to produce smooth jazz, soul-stirring gospel, or sultry R&B, starting a record label doesn't have to be a costly endeavor.