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SOULFUL J Josh Kumra has been compared to Ben Harper and his hero Ray Lamontagne
Soulful T, whose real name is Trevor Russell, got through with self-penned song Feels Good.
To live a soulful life, you have to learn to deal effectively with those spirit judgments that come from within and without.
Dean's virile but vulnerable screen image sent girls into a swoon--and boys to the bathroom mirror to work on their slicked-back hair and soulful looks.
Not surprisingly, almost one-third (29%) said that they believe soulful lunches could be a lot of work.
com, helps women entrepreneurs reclaim their power after sexual trauma and is hosting the Soulful Sex Summit, a free virtual event, from February 7 -14, 2014.
Propelled by stunning guitar work and soulful vocals their talents help complete the steady groove and unique expression for the Saint Francis sound.
With its swirling Hammond organ and searing soulful vocals, it is a perfect distillation of psychedelica and highly evocative of an era when perhaps the best British music ever was made.
Soulful, folk singer JC will be joined on stage by actor/ poet/comedian John Lewis for a distinctive evening of music and comedy.
But in fact, this was the perfect setting for a solo show based around just Sermanni's well–played acoustic guitar and her stunning voice – a blend of soulful folk, finely–controlled attitude and her Highlands accent breaking through.
I want to go for a more soulful and motown feel to be honest.
The musicians in question are piano player Chico and soulful singer Rita, who meet in late Forties Havana.