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Qatar's Afro deep and soulful house music scene is currently growing rather fast.
It's not hard to hear why he was so taken with the infectious, Stevie Wonder-esque slab of soulful pop.
Gina Carey's “Eyes of a Child” is a smooth soulful mid tempo ballad loaded with intense emotion and deep powerful lyrics.
We are indeed blessed to have distinguished maestros amongst us who have enriched our experience in this soulful musical tour.
is to people over' "All my influences are people like Ray Lamontagne and Tracy Chapman who have very soulful voices, though it isn't something that I have consciously set out to do," Josh said.
X Factor fans (and I was one of them) remember Rebecca Ferguson as an incredibly shy but soulful contestant whose talent propelled her to the finals.
But a soulful teacher can sort them out and help the potential for greatness the child has within.
The soulful, messy process of grief gets a soulful, messy treatment in "I Will Follow.
It has references to several genres, soulful certainly, but with a dash of country and a pinch of Motown and folky feel, too.
When Soulful Arts Dance Academy encountered some financial hurdles last fall, it learned that the PinkCricket Center for Arts Education had been forced to close its doors.
Teenage singer-songwriter Harry Lewis and Deighton R 'n' B star Soulful T have made the regional finals of Live and Unsigned.
What would happen if the holiday classic "Little Drummer Boy" had been set to some joyful hand-clapping and soulful drums to offset the "pa rum pum pum pum"?