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In the monastery of Nea Moni s erried ranks of skulls, victims of the 1822 massacre, stare soullessly from glass cases in the Charnel House.
The grass felt familiar, even the water drops once they flew clear of the rainbird's clicking beak, but the sprinkler itself, product of foundry and machine shop, remained soullessly inert.
Rap Master Ronnie," the title song, offers a rap routine intended as a "Reagan Campaign Message to Minority Voters," in which the President soullessly recites herky-jerky rhymes over funk rhythms, while Secret Service agents breakdance and chant backups.
By the dawn of the 1970s, Count Yorga, played by Robert Quarry, appeared as the consummate swinger, soullessly pursuing pleasure across a landscape of emotional entropy.
When Shrek and Donkey first travel to Farquaad's capital, Du Lac, they find a soullessly immaculate, medieval fantasy realm devoid of organic soul .
Her music has never been her strong point, as evidenced by her recent hit single, ``Believe,'' which was soullessly bland disco wrapped in irksomely cute techno-production, effectively stripping the package of any humanity whatsoever.
Trevor Horn's production technique hasn't been fashionable since the Berlin Wall came down, and the songs merely prove Lena and Julia can be as soullessly vapid as any Western poppets.