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2 ea- Sound Off Signal ghost LED, white LEDs, black housing
This November, BigOven is starting a #FoodFight, asking cooks to sound off on the big Thanksgiving questions on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.
In addition, recalls through the Eat Cleaner Sound Off Widget will be fed through to consumers through the Cleaner Plate Club blog and via Twitter and Facebook.
Let us know what you'd like to sound off about by posting it to valleynews.
TONY BLAIR was quick enough to sound off about World Cup violence involving Scottish fans but his silence over thuggish behaviour by English supporters has been deafening.
In our forums, you can sound off, share ideas, get inspired, offer feedback on Sunset stories--and even have questions answered by Sunset writers and editors.
Have you noticed how politicians often sound off about "Canadian values?
This should be the goal when we approach others to sound off, says Loren Ekroth, a Las Vegas-based business communications consultant (www.
My advice to Central Trains - keep the screens to give us better visual information about delays etc or even to promote your services but switch the sound off.
While the latter two can potentially be used for all sorts of harmless purposes, they argue--like skipping ahead on a home video or turning the sound off on a show to answer the phone--the ReplayTV technology exists only to block commercials.
Next time someone puts pen to paper to sound off about Scousers, perhaps they will remember the patritotic elation that the Reds' strikers helped to stir up on Saturday night