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He kept imagining her pushing her arms into the silk lining of her winter coat, so sweetly impregnated with cedar, her footsteps echoing crisply on the timber floor as she walked down the hall, tying the belt on her coat, stooping to pull up the handle of her suitcase--all these aching, fluid movements--and the door of the cupboard swinging perfectly, soundlessly shut behind her.
Next came the humiliating pictures on TV - Gbagbo in his under-shirt; Gbagbo "sweating like a goat" and wiping himself with a towel; Gbagbo pointing to a spot near his left eye, as if he had been given a blow there; Gbagbo talking soundlessly because there was no audio on the footage the television was showing.
Twelve girls were dancing soundlessly, and grace enfolded them utterly.
Anne Lisbeth followed him as he crossed the hallway, moving soundlessly from Ellie's room into the master bedroom, her eyes knowing and reflective green like a witch's familiar.
The room was suddenly rich and the great baywindow was spawning snow and pink roses against it soundlessly s collateral and incompatible," he wrote.
At the same time, the demand structure of China machine industry has changed soundlessly.
But the camera and its subject react instantly without words with the subject giving a quick reaction to a scene, something which the camera picks up in a second and leaves for us to contemplate soundlessly.
But "real words" are the ones Your mouth-parts, throat and breath weigh in with, meanings soundlessly deep forever.
One of his arms moves uncontrollably, he makes wild noises without opening his mouth, cries soundlessly, and rolls his head in seeming rage at his condition.
She could hardly recognize them as the same refugees who had crouched soundlessly in the grass-thatched shelter all week.
The row of grass remains upright for an instant, then falls soundlessly.
THE HUSKY 10-POINTER STEPPED soundlessly from a tangle of briars on the hardwood ridge.