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He kept imagining her pushing her arms into the silk lining of her winter coat, so sweetly impregnated with cedar, her footsteps echoing crisply on the timber floor as she walked down the hall, tying the belt on her coat, stooping to pull up the handle of her suitcase--all these aching, fluid movements--and the door of the cupboard swinging perfectly, soundlessly shut behind her.
The ratchets of the wheel of fate cranked soundlessly as she stepped down onto the tarmac.
Though thisinteresting stylistic choice works quite well for the most part, there were a few instances, where characters gesticulating soundlessly, that became somewhat awkward from an acting perspective.
And all that night carries soundlessly, a satchel of eels.
At 1,500 rpm ( and in sixth gear) the R8 purrs soundlessly, and in the case that you are out to make a statement and floor the throttle, the 550 hp, twin- turbo V10 ( which the R8 shares with the Lamborghini Gallardo) makes its intentions known in no uncertain terms.
They slipped away as quickly and as soundlessly as they had come.
Studies show that both approaches - noisily expressing your anger or soundlessly burying it - are equally harmful and may pose the same health risks.
at hybrid cars whooshing soundlessly towards the shore where bracelets
And when Hushpuppy swims out into open water, they loyally and soundlessly follow.
They drifted by, soundlessly, sensing out this intruder into their world.
It was dark, and the attack was accomplished soundlessly, with a knife not a gun.
Tape a string, thread or some dental floss to the tap near the drip and the drops will follow the thread soundlessly down the thread into the drain.