soundness of mind

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It never occurred to me then that I didn't know in what soundness of mind exactly con- sisted and what a delicate and, upon the whole, unimportant matter it was.
Clare at first employed him occasionally; but, struck with his soundness of mind and good business capacity, he confided in him more and more, till gradually all the marketing and providing for the family were intrusted to him.
These horses both represent the Holy Grail of dressage: talent for any level of work, complete soundness of body, and most importantly, the soundness of mind that makes working with them an absolute joy.
Soundness of mind (6) Minus (8) Biblical Ark builder (4) Explosive invented by Alfred Nobel (8) European country whose capital is Lisbon (8) Logical, consistent (8) Implement used to hit a ball in polo or croquet (6) Language of Pakistan (4)
We don t simply sell health plans; we give clients and members access to healthcare solutions that are relevant to their needs, improving quality of life and promoting soundness of mind and body which accelerates productivity and enhances the creation of wealth.
Jordanian Grievances Law provides that the judge of grievance should have the following requirements: puberty, soundness of mind and liberty.
Chapter Three is effectively an introduction to and summary of Chapters Four through Seven, in which Bonfield takes up in absorbing detail the specific grounds for disputing the validity of wills: Chapter Four treats the problem of establishing the testator's soundness of mind and freedom from undue influence at the time of the will's making; Chapter Five considers the contested validity of and legal procedures surrounding nuncupative wills; Chapter Six addresses flaws, irregularities, or imperfections in the execution of written wills; and Chapter Seven enumerates the various problems raised by draft, revoked, or multiple wills.
The responses that followed Banks' inquiry varied from those who used firearms to save their lives during robbery attempts, to the soundness of mind you have in knowing that you're able to defend yourself and your loved ones, to the enjoyment of target shooting and hunting.
For example, 'maqam rast' denotes pride, power, soundness of mind, and masculinity.
We must identify, respect, and embrace a new breed of innovative individuals who possess the diligence and soundness of mind to help in effectively leading us into a new period of prosperity.
Shouldn't an ownerbreeder like the Aga Khan want to find out more about Zarkava's ability and soundness of mind and body?
Accordingly, the court remanded the case back to the trial court for a hearing to determine when the patient regained consciousness following the February 19, 2002, surgery and when her soundness of mind was reinstated so that she could adequately understand the injury she had suffered and the consequences of that injury.