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Some yogis have taught that the three sounds should be made from different parts of the body with the lower chakras producing the "a" sound, the heart and throat chakras producing the "u" sound and the "ma" sound coming from the upper chakras in the head.
The sound of a tennis ball being served, then being lobbed (how do these sounds contrast with the ping-pong sounds?
In much the same way as dolphins use sound to locate objects underwater, bats use information from sounds to "see" their prey in the dark.
Note the sound that you hear: How does it compare with the sounds you heard when you tapped the larger soda bottle?
IN the late 1940s, radio engineer-turned-composer Pierre Schaeffer celebrated a defining property of audio recording and radio transmission: the ability to separate sounds from their visible sources.
In outdoor living areas, sounds above 50 dBA are annoying to humans.
I thought it was so cool," says cosmologist Andrew Hamilton of the University of Colorado in Boulder, who listened to the sounds later in the meeting.
The results indicate that using precorrection as an intervention improves students' accuracy in reading sounds and words, and increases on-task behavior.
The fact is, Wilson is finding out where the love has gone when he looks out at the adoring audiences gathered to hear him sing the classic songs from his cherished 1966 Beach Boys masterpiece, ``Pet Sounds,'' backed by an orchestra and his longtime touring unit, the Wondermints.
The blast of gunfire strains the capacity of even the human ear, which detects noise more efficiently and distinguishes sounds from a much wider spectrum than most audio equipment.
It also delivers a robust and vibrant audio experience at low volume by dynamically compensating for the human ear's lower sensitivity to bass and treble sounds as the volume level decreases.
The monochrome's historical connotations of self-reflexive autonomy block acoustic inhabitation, while Graeve's audio referentiality deflects reception of the sounds as atmospheric emanations of his deadpan visuals.