source of danger

See: peril
References in classic literature ?
And now right and left splashed falling missiles; a new source of danger or of temporary respite; to me, by a merciful Providence, it proved the latter.
If it becomes necessary to kill you, there will be no reason for not killing the child, since with you gone the one whom we wish to punish through the boy will be gone, and he will then be to us only a constant source of danger and embarrassment.
Al-Haddad said it was all done to scare the children into complying to their parents' orders, mainly, not to go outside to play at high noon when the temperature in Kuwait was unbearably sizzling hot and could be a source of danger to children exposed to it.
Ghaloom said street peddlers promote smuggled Keratin products and sell them to beauty salons, which makes these salons a source of danger to clients' health.
This does not only require raising the level of protection, but also fighting the source of danger, which in this case is intellectual.
The Prime Minister stressed that the implementation by Russia of all points of the Minsk agreement remains the only tool to de-escalate the conflict, which threatens the security of all Europe, because prepared and well-armed terrorists, including from Chechnya, which are a source of danger to other European countries, stay on the territories, temporarily not controlled by the Central authorities.
We have our patented bbs-tek White Sound reversing alarms that make the source of danger more easily beatable than equivalent tonal alarms; new Backsense radar obstacle detection to alert the driver; and Backeye 360 Systems that eliminate blind spots by giving a 'bird's-eye view' all around the machine in a single image.
Bournemouth identified Whitts as a major source of danger to their hopes of a home win and came up with plans to make sure he couldn't inflict any damage.
Gorbachev believes the source of danger comes from the American "trumphator's spirit.
Expressing concern over the spread of the phenomenon, they argue that such warehouses are a source of danger for local residents, especially those who live near such facilities, the daily adds.
Hazard was a constant source of danger throughout but Wales dug in to make it a return of eight points from four games and boost their chances of qualifying for a first major tournament since the 1958 World Cup.
Delivery and movement constant source of danger but starved of possession after break and influence waned.