source of income

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There was still the hunting establishment which Nicholas had even enlarged, the same fifty horses and fifteen grooms in the stables, the same expensive presents and dinner parties to the whole district on name days; there were still the count's games of whist and boston, at which- spreading out his cards so that everybody could see them- he let himself be plundered of hundreds of rubles every day by his neighbors, who looked upon an opportunity to play a rubber with Count Rostov as a most profitable source of income.
The chief source of income on his sister's estate was from the riverside meadows.
Mr Wegg finds leisure to make a little circuit, by reason that he folds his screen early, now that he combines another source of income with it, and also that he feels it due to himself to be anxiously expected at the Bower.
Having his own peculiar source of income, he was irregular in his attendance at his work; so he had a late breakfast, and remained at home for the morning writing a long letter to a friend.
This certainly had not a profitable appearance, and I shook my head as if I would imply that it would be difficult to lay by much accumulative capital from such a source of income.
The third reference was approved against former managing director Water and Sanitation Authority Quetta Hamid Latif Rana and others in a case of assets beyond the known source of income, causing a loss of Rs337 million to the national treasury.
Earlier in the day, the apex court bench comprising of Justice J Chekameswar and S Abdul Nazeer passed an order that candidates contesting elections will now have to disclose their source of income along with their family members.
According NAB officials the Accountability Court in Hyderabad on Thursday sentenced four years rigorous imprisonment to Rahim Bux Soomro, for accumulation of assets beyond known source of income.
However, the tax court said that the government failed to prove that Castillo was a resident of the Philippines in 2010, or that she had any possible local source of income for that year.
According to media reports, a reference on accumulation of wealth beyond known source of income against Finance Minister is pending hearing in the Accountability court of Islamabad and Dar has been indicted of in this case.
But people in Wales typically believing they would have the shortest period before their savings pots ran out, at 26 days on average after losing their main source of income.
They said that it was only source of income for them and now the revenue department trying to take their source of income with that tactics.