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In states that provide for the imposition of local sales and use taxes, destination-based sourcing for intrastate sales can create significant burdens for sellers.
863-8 provides exclusive sourcing rules for SPOCI; other source rules are implicated only to the extent that a material portion of an activity is not space or ocean activity.
This article describes how present interpretations of the sourcing rules to conventional commerce should apply to electronic transactions.
The Legislative History of the Sourcing Rules Also Supports Symmetrical Sourcing of Gains and Losses.
Supplier collaboration intensive sourcing initiatives focused on engaging suppliers in processes from design through fulfillment with full visibility into performance and feedback
At the technological core of The Sourcing Authority's value proposition are the on-demand components of the Verticalnet XE Supply Management Solution Suite.
Builder Sourcing brings together top-level decision-makers, paving the way for increased business.
With the Verticalnet Advanced Sourcing Solution, we expect to see improved carrier performance in all our transportation routes and suppliers across Europe, while improving our overall cost control," said Martin Verploegh Cargill's European Procurement Manager.
Nasdaq:VERT), a leading provider of on-demand, supply management solutions, today announced that Akzo Nobel, a Fortune 300 manufacturer that serves customers throughout the world with healthcare products, coatings and chemicals, has selected Verticalnet for advanced sourcing of road transportation events spanning North America and Europe.
We are successfully using TRAQ's platform to bring our wireless costs in line with our goal for an efficient enterprise," said Jeff Robles, Enterprise and Transportation Sourcing Manager, SS&P, Best Buy.
Builder Sourcing provides a new way for homebuilders and their suppliers to collaborate, benefiting the bottom lines of both.