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Use a piece of cane or a stick to mark out drills into which you will sow the seeds.
A week before you sow the seed add a general lawn fertiliser and rake the surface.
Sow the seed evenly over the surface of the compost.
Fork over the top few inches to break down the clumps, rake the soil level and sow the seed in a shallow drill or groove made with a cane.
Sow the seed sparingly at a depth of 1cm in drills 30cm apart.
You can sow the seed outside directly in the position where they are to flower.
Sow the seed thinly in shallow drills around 15cm (6in) apart.
I find that mixing the tiny seed with dry horticultural sand makes it easier to sow the seed thinly.
In some cases this is virtually nothing, and you sow the seed on the surface as in the case of petunias and lobelia.
It is essential that you dig out or kill off any perennial weeds before you sow the seed.
Here the race is on to sow the seed while it is as fresh as possible.