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The young plants get off to a flying start in spring and steal a march on those sown then, meaning they're liable to flower earlier and be chunkier.
But if you have a reasonable area free of other plants, you may prefer a method tried and tested over decades where separate areas are marked out and only one variety is sown in each piece.
The Bt varieties including Tarzan1, MNH886, VH259, BH178, CIM599, IM602, FH142, IR Niab824, IUB222, Saibaan201, Sitara11M, KZ181, Tarzan2, CA12, FH114, and CIM598 should be sown from March 15 to May 15, it was learnt.
He said that till the 29th of last month of the current Kharif season, rice was sown in 30.
By comparing soybean crop yield on the first sowing date (9/15), it was observed that cultivars CD 202 and CD 215 sown in 2003 had better yield in relation to the year 2004/2005.
Seed of these biennial flowers can be sown now right through to early July to provide a riot of nostalgic colour next year - and virtually all of them are very easy to grow and manage.
Sow vegetables outside directly into the ground and thin out those sown earlier.
The most important agro--technical measures is the sowing which is to be carried out on a well prepared land area to be sown (Skalicky, 1999).
Tomatoes can be sown for the greenhouse or for outdoors in milder areas.
Both should be sown where they are to grow now, rather than be planted out.
Most of them can be sown in shallow drills in the empty areas of your garden.
The SOWN 2009 office began inviting entries to SOWN 2009 on May 27 (Wed.