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After spending a year mapping Vesta, the Dawn space probe is continuing its journey to the largest asteroid Ceres, arriving there in 2015.
Pictures from another space probe, Galileo, have shown a pattern like the Arctic ice on Earth, as if the surface had been flooded by water from underneath which had then frozen.
5) Stefan Edwards, 10, is reflected Monday in the gold cover of a record album sent into space on the Voyager space probe.
That is why so many people were thrilled by the successful launch of the New Horizons space probe last month.
This January, NASA scientists plan to launch a revolutionary space probe.
If your usual experience of travel is the Gabalfa interchange or Fabian Way at rush hour, or the local bus arriving late on a 10-mile journey, you have to marvel at the Cassini- Huygens space probe.
The Depths Of Space: The Story Of The Pioneer Planetary Probes by by author and NASA expert Mark Wolverton provides the reader with an informed and informative historical overview of the Pioneer space probe mission program that saw the first mission launched in August 17, 1958 that had the misfortune to blow up 77 seconds into life off.
Finally, the mechanism uncovering the prized model space probe is guided by beatings able to stand-up to the environment of the pseudo-Mars, made with crushed walnut-shells.
Distance from Earth traveled by the Voyager 1 space probe since its launch on Sept.
A BRITISH-built space probe that could provide the first conclusive proof of life on Mars was being launched today.
On August 18, NASA's Cassini space probe -- loaded with 72.
Britain is to launch a space probe to investigate whether there is life on Mars.

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