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Wall-mount enclosure provides convenient, space-saving design for smaller rackmount applications
The test of this new space-saving packaging is part of our ongoing commitment to identify solutions that help us meet the needs of our retail partners and consumers.
26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Kellogg Company is beginning a six-month test of a more consumer-friendly, space-saving box for its cereal brands beginning today in Detroit that could potentially redefine the cereal aisle.
Vendor: McCrometer; 800-220-2279 Product: Flowmeter Key Feature: Space-saving design
With small-package op amp solutions, Microchip continues to expand into the portable market space, where high-precision analog is required in a space-saving form factor and at a competitive price.
Casio introduces several digital keyboards with special features, including the Privia PX-400R digital piano, which offers the sound and authentic feel of an acoustic piano matched with a space-saving design and advanced technological features.
Premier Medical's redesigned Glass Bead Mirror Warmer has the same convenience and operating temperature (250[degrees]F) as before, but in a new space-saving, UL-approved design.
In fact, the honeycomb thing is actually the fourth iteration of a photo-diode space-saving arrangement that allows more pixels to be crammed into the Super CCD.
40, manual roll adjusting screws, a stainless steel mill pan, manual lubrication fittings, start, stop and jog reverse pushbuttons, safety devices and a space-saving cabinet style design.
The secret behind the space-saving design is two detachable handles.
But the newfound, space-saving advantage of these geometries "might be one reason underlying the particular selection of the helices found in nature," says Jayanth R.
To avoid having to dig around in the bottom of a closet to find the match to your favorite pair of platform shoes, put space-saving, galvanized steel shoe racks ($5.

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