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He quoted Gritter as saying: "Generous spaciousness is energized by Jesus' high priestly prayer in John 17 that we would be one so that the world would know.
Inside, a sleek and updated cabin offers spaciousness without comA[degrees] promising on stowage, with a 60/40 split rear bench.
Tiida's customers have come to rely on its spaciousness and versatility, both of which have been significantly enhanced for the All-new Nissan Tiida.
All-new Nissan Tiida hatchback has arrived with sleek styling, best-in-class fuel economy, class-leading interior spaciousness, advanced technology and features typically expected from far more expensive vehicles.
Nissan Sentra's seductive design, unexpected spaciousness, class-defying features and ability to over-deliver on the basics move the game on significantly for compact sedans.
The X2 Series cab has industry-leading spaciousness, expansive leg room, quietness and amenities.
SET well back from the road just three miles from the city centre, 254 Bristol Road, Edgbaston, is an eye-opener because its spaciousness is well hidden.
A ZENA SAYS: Using the same flooring through the whole house is a really clever way to link all the different areas together as well as create a feeling of spaciousness.
The idea and enactment of spaciousness has been linked to financial limitations and the evolutionary structure of domestic architectural standards as a whole: chapters consider real estate, architecture, law, and economics in a wide-ranging survey of how visual space became entwined with cultural values.
The Edge is about spaciousness, although in a comparatively compact package (overall length, width (minus mirrors) and height are: 185.
Designed for small city lots and incorporating the spaciousness of a loft, the mkSolaire is completely solar and uses non-toxic, recyclable and renewable materials, which, said Kaufmann, saves money on energy bills and requires less energy to build and maintain.