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Although districts across the nation have installed protection to curb junk email, spam quadrupled in the past year and now accounts for more than half of all messages received in schools.
The Radicati Group, a market research firm in Palo Alto, CA, reports that currently spam costs a total of $20 billion a year worldwide in lost productivity and technology expenses and expects these costs will skyrocket to almost $200 billion within the next four years.
Internet service providers have been fighting spam with software filters and lawsuits for several years.
It makes more sense to define spam in terms of behavior than in terms of content.
Not only is spam wreaking havoc throughout some companies, it's draining significant dollars from companies' wallets.
Image spam generally embeds text inside of images with the intent of hiding content from the text rules processing layers of spam filters.
A large portion of the spam sent daily is sent using an open relay to help spammers hide their identities.
Over the years, Kidd has seen contestants enter goodies including Spam-zucchini bread, corn chowder soup with Spam, shrimp with Spam, and Spam-anana split - three frozen scoops of Spam in a banana split dish, topped off with all the confectionary fixings.
Hormel Foods first produced SPAM luncheon meat in 1937 in Austin, Minn.
Source Authentication technology provides us with a solution to spam beyond unmasking the spammer.
Hagman proudly displayed the shelled Spam before the judges during Saturday's competition, where she also had puff pastries filled with her special dough for the more timid tasters.