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Nor was this the only remarkable circumstance about these dogs, for each of them wore a kind of little coat of some gaudy colour trimmed with tarnished spangles, and one of them had a cap upon his head, tied very carefully under his chin, which had fallen down upon his nose and completely obscured one eye; add to this, that the gaudy coats were all wet through and discoloured with rain, and that the wearers were splashed and dirty, and some idea may be formed of the unusual appearance of these new visitors to the Jolly Sandboys.
Being immiscible with zinc, lead solidifies at the spangle boundaries to produce sites where corrosion cells form in humid climates.
Spangle Tangle kit is designed for children with low vision.
According to judgment, in Kashmiri songs competition, Mohsin Ali & group of Spangle House School System secured first, Hadeeqa & group of Dr AQ Khan School System bagged second, Sheza Abbasi & group of Spangle House System Campus 2 got third and Taram & group of Ability School System remained fourth.
Beautiful 16-year-old Ellen Spangle, a horsewoman and animal healer of near-mystical proportions, longs to leave the circus and lead a life of the mind, perhaps as a governess.
Katherine Spangle, a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society, said Warrick and her husband, Chad -- who were in the same elementary school classes, and attended the same junior high and high schools in Canyon Country but did not meet until five years after graduating from high school -- have embraced Heather's health as something to champion for the rest of their lives.
Brought out in 1948 as assorted crystal fruits they tasted like nothing else, they said suck a spangle and be happy.
EARLIER in the day, while the sun was shining, Bryn Palling had saddled 14-1 shot Bright Spangle to take the juvenile maiden.
After three months back in Leamington Spa, I went back to my home town of Spangle Hill in Cork to bring my mum back.
The suit was filed on behalf of Richard Spangle, a resident of Santa Ana, CA, by the Newport Beach, CA, law firm of Capretz & Associates against the following companies, all of which are involved in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of Digitek:
We want to make sure that anyone who has survived childhood cancer knows that this scholarship is available,'' said Katherine Spangle, a spokeswoman for the Cancer Society.
FONDLY remembered sweets such as Toffos and Spangles could be back on sale thanks to an internet campaign.