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Although the location of the proposed new Coventry location was not revealed Spangles said the 120-cover venue would be called Nelly's Kitchen and would be "10 x the size of our current diner".
Spangles look like sequins, but without the hole in the middle and without the need to sew them onto a garment.
Nestle's Toffos vanished in 2008 and Spangles were withdrawn in the mid 1980s.
MEET Spangles, the cute cross-eyed cat who is winning thousands of fans.
SPANGLES sweets - last sold in the early 1980s - have topped a poll of the brands consumers would most like to see revived, according to a poll.
Costume designer Christine Darch helps Soto layer her eclectic movement vocabulary with the dazzle of spangles, glitz, and exposed flesh.
Take Spangles, for example, we all remember Spangles, well, at least some of us older ones do.
An example is the room in which spangles "painted" on the wall with 3M adhesive reflective sheeting (Stephane Dafflon's AM 002, 2003) and Fleury's gold-plated shopping carts from "Serie Ela 75/K, 2000, seem devoted to the cult worship of the Portrait of God (After Richard Bernstein), 1998, a young male icon painted by Richard Phillips.
The itinerary includes the 4th of July Star Spangles Salute and a special appearance by the Mariachi Cobre and the Ima Hogg National Young Artists Competition 2nd Prize Winner violinist Wen-Lei Gu.
Add Casals: Bud Collins of the Boston Globe remembers that the late dressmaker Ted Tinling adored her, ``gowning Rosie in spangles, sequins, a variety of color combinations.
Others showed up in costume as well, with one woman dressed as a snowlady complete with carrot nose; three women dressed as female superheroines; and another was adorned with spangles and little white lights.