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Glass cases contain spangly costumes in silk, satin and spandex.
Can't recall Mickey or Donald wearing a spangly thong," I countered, pointing to an ebullient bloke, flouncing on a float.
Just because a dress is designer doesn't mean you should fork out for a short spangly number that would only fit over your right leg.
Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly reveal what it takes to produce the spangly spectacular, and there's a chance to hear how the famous faces deal with the tension before tripping the light fantastic.
What is the point of building lots of spangly new bus shelters only for them to keep being smashed up?
Anyone who lives with their mama that long and dresses up in that much spangly gold with black lacquer on their eyes has definitely got something going on.
Glaswegian Russell - playing his drag queen alter ego Bernice Hindley, the niece of Myra - appears from behind a seedy nightclub spangly curtain.
Lidia Baich was the soloist, stunning in a beautifully draped spangly frock, and bringing a spectrum of articulation covering biting attack and sweet phrasing from her Guarneri instrument.
The movie's lead actor, hunky Heath Ledger, got cozy with fellow Aussie Naomi Watts (whose spangly, cranberry-colored dress and dishabille hair evoked a Glamour ``don't'' moment).
There were no spangly leotards and tinkling music in this show from the Netherlands National Circus - it was strictly streets.
On the one hand, you can't help but wonder where she found a surgeon willing to wear a spangly black-and-silver getup during an operation.