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She began to "miss" new movements, and to spend her spare time re-reading or thinking, rather to the concern of her Chelsea friends.
His spare time he occupied by drawing circles with compass and pencil on a piece of paper.
Kit, all bluff and hardened with the cold, went on manfully; and, having enough to do to keep his blood circulating, to picture to himself the happy end of this adventurous journey, and to look about him and be amazed at everything, had little spare time for thinking of discomforts.
He was posting away as if upon life and death, and could but just spare time to tell us his errand, and where you all were.
I have now heard all my neighbour's history, at different sittings, as the housekeeper could spare time from more important occupations.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 22 (ANI): Amidst all the controversy surrounding Justin Trudeau's invitation to Khalistani terrorist Jaspal Atwal for a dinner reception, the Canadian Prime Minister was seen spending some spare time along with his children by playing cricket at Delhi's Modern School cricket ground.
UNITED target Malcom is learning English in his spare time - fuelling rumours he could be set for a big-money move to Old Trafford.
ALMOST seven out of 10 Britons (69%) would explore the country if they had more spare time, new research shows.
A SUPERMARKET worker who volunteered in her spare time has been given PS200 to donate to charity by her bosses.
In her spare time, Hayley supports Young Enterprise, a charity encouraging young people to set up their own businesses, as well as being an associate lecturer at the University of Derby.
TO all animal lovers and anyone with any spare time, try fundraising for S.