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supramolecular drug delivery technology is capable of dissolving water insoluble or sparely soluble drugs in a clear and transparent smart hydrogel with enhanced efficacy, safety and patient's compliance.
But the neighboring town of Oxford bailed them out with a couple truckloads of salt, which, in turn, Leicester had to use sparely and wisely, Mr.
Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla" is a sparely narrated, sensitively illustrated true story of a captive gorilla who has come to represent issues of animal welfare and animal rights in North America.
34 is sparely soluble in water owing to its high content of hydrophobic fatty acid chloride residue, HmPVA having the PVA/DC ratio of 1:0.
For a horse of his age, Luca Cumani's gelded son of Dubawi has been sparely campaigned, with just 17 career starts coming into today.
Iron from sparely soluble Fe oxides is released under the anoxic, reducing conditions commonly encountered in saturated soils.
He and Saker are also playing close attention to the dimensions of his jump into delivery - the crux of most fast-bowling techniques but one which features relatively sparely in Finn's case.
After breakfast, we walk several blocks to the Fashion Lab, a warehouse sparely furnished with sewing machines, design tables, and dress dummies.
The book is sparely but carefully illustrated with black and white photographs and diagrams, many historical.
Experiment - use glitter or metallic paint - sparely for a tint and more heavily if you want it to 'bleed' into the pages.
But she has to acknowledge that Hopkins viewed luxury as religiously suspect: he always lived sparely, and from boyhood on he deliberately deprived himself of a wide variety of sensual pleasures.
The documentary tacks between sparely shot "talking head" interviews with the disaster's survivors and scholars and wrenching documentary footage of loss: floating, bloated, mostly black bodies; weeping, sweaty infants in dirty diapers; elderly women dying in their wheelchairs outside the Superdome; entire neighborhoods destroyed.