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Now with the growth of the Internet, Sparer adds, "the operator can do remote diagnostics, trouble-shooting, etc.
If you are considering joining the lawsuit as lead plaintiff, would like to discuss the lawsuit or simply receive regular email updates, please call Alan Sparer, Marc Haber or James Nabwangu of the Sparer Law Group at 415-217-7300, or e-mail the firm at info@sparerlaw.
Even if the ACA was defunded--even if it was repealed, even if it was gone tomorrow--there are fundamental important changes going on in the health and health care system right now that predated the ACA, that will continue irrespective of what happens to the politics of the ACA over the next months and years," Sparer said.
WHO: Cynthia Sparer, executive director, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital Julia Barugel, member Family Advisory Council, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital Sneaky Chef Missy Chase Lapine Patients and their families, who can discuss their reactions to the new recipes WHEN: November 8, 2007 - 12:30 p.
An even sparer, pared-down still life by the elusive Adriaen Coorte, a monogrammed small oil-on-paper study of two peaches on a stone edge with a fritillary hovering above, now extremely dirty, also found an enthusiastic welcome.
Cole's approach is sparer and cleaner than some romantic versions of Gershwin.
A second possibility is organizational: safety-net hospitals may have met the economic challenges of rising competition by reorganizing into more efficient an d customer-friendly operations and by sponsoring their own MCOs in hopes of retaining and attracting Medicaid beneficiairies (Gray and Rowe 2000; Sparer and Brown 2000).
According to Cynthia Sparer, executive director of the Children' s Hospital of New York at New York Presbyterian, the project began in April 1999 with the dedication of the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Pediatric intensive care unit, for which the firm had contributed $3.
Perry's debut solo release is a very different affair, sparer in sound and centring the songs on guitar rather than keyboards but it's Brendan's warm baritone vocals that dominate, and on tracks like Archangel and I Must Have Been Blind he stakes out similar territory to both early and latter-day Scott Walker.
In Handwriting, as compared to Running in the Family, the writing is sparer where minimalism is enhanced by reducing the focus's measure to the precision of a razor's micron edge.
Sparer and smaller in scale than ``Secrets & Lies,'' which had the advantage of jumping between several diverse households, ``Career Girls'' maintains a tight focus on the girls, Hannah and Anna, and offers a remarkable showcase for Katrin Cartlidge and Lynda Steadman, the two actresses who play them.
Ron Sparer, supervisor, Controls Development, Cincinnati Milacron, reports that the company, building on its current SPC capabilities, is investigating neural networks and "fuzzy" logic techniques as possible control advancements.