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But even more so, they are affected by the notion of "essential form" that permeated the entire Modernist era, the interest in describing subject matter in the sparest, most direct forms possible.
Lambert is a delicate writer, one gifted enough to be able to evoke feeling with the sparest of lines, hitting hard with icicle-delicate lines.
The number after the district label is meant to indicate the relative density of the zone: one being the sparest and five being the densest--this labeling is uniform throughout the Code.
The artist has associated the door with the portal by the sparest and most ingenious of means.
There's a moment on "Wild," the sparest track on Bloom, where, over rickety, distant drum machines that recall their earliest efforts, Legrand opens up so specifically that it's hard to pretend it's about anything else other than herself: My mother said to me that I would get in trouble/Our father won't come home cause lie is seeing double/Out in the endless green/Your eyes are so misleading/That when the car pulls up its hood is black and gleaming/ And in a while/ You start a smile/ The world is wild/ We've got no time.
This Choral Symphony has moved from the sparest of openings, trembling bare open fifths evoking the cosmos (is this a deliberate anticipation of the search for God beyond the stars?