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Due to the intensity of these strategies, we do not recommend that more than one of them be performed per training session, and that all of them be used sparingly as adjuncts to the basic training approach.
The powers were used sparingly compared to areas in England.
Still, the combination of procedures has been used sparingly in the United States.
There are times when quoting an anonymous source is appropriate, but such citations should be used very sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.
For example, the "special purpose entities" whose abuse ultimately sank Enron are a valid tool when used sparingly to mitigate risk, rather than to ide losses.
The mother used acetaminophen sparingly during pregnancy and 1% hydrocortisone cream briefly in the third trimester.
Anderson can emote with the best but does so sparingly, balancing the drama with Tom Lehrer--style humor.
Post your resume sparingly and on sites that allow you to mask your contact information.
A good copy editor checks for sentence fragments, run-on sentences or paragraphs that run on too long as well as making sure that adjectives and adverbs are used sparingly and correctly.
In a classic Mediterranean diet, cheese is used sparingly, in meals built around a base of fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish.
Use graphics sparingly and only with clear purpose.