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Mr Jones yesterday called on English courts to follow the example of Welsh courts and dish out Asbos sparingly.
However, in a recent amendment to the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), the IRS said it intends the noncompliance penalty to be used sparingly.
After playing sparingly in Rain or Shine's last four games, the rookie stepped out of the veterans' shadows and unleashed a career-best 14 points, all of which came in the second half, to help the Elasto Painters blast the Blackwater Elite in a playoff for the last quarterfinals slot.
During the occasion he requested the locals of Tshirunzini, in Limpopo, to use water sparingly.
But substitute Kevin Phillips gave the Baggies a much-needed burst of energy in 23 match-winning minutes, leaving Mowbray deciding the 35-year-old will be used sparingly from now on.
The 18-year-old was sparingly used by Richard Money last season as Walsall's manager plumped most of the time for the less flamboyant but more disciplined left-sided link-up of Fox and Kris Taylor.
Washington played sparingly against UCLA because he was ineffective with the knee injury.
As Jeanne Jennings points out in the above article, "Use images sparingly, only when they advance the goals of the e-mail"--Jan White's sentiments exactly.
This locked-in, gazing-out feel is brought to the fore in Institutional, which, using only drywall, joint compound, sparingly deployed greenish- and pinkish-gray paint, and an intractable silence, exudes a far creepier sense of being surveilled than does an entire buzzing, shouting exhibition of gizmos by Julia Scher.
Some families already used soap but may have done so sparingly because of cost.
He wanted, he says, to avoid the stereotype of the white box that continues to dominate retail design, and that 'looks as if it were produced by machine'; brass, suede, dark wood and pale limestone, used sparingly, create an impression of sensuality that is all the more seductive for being restrained.
Equipment: Goggles, kick boards, fins, hand paddles, and flotation for legs used only sparingly.