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Three more beginners Max Erickson (9), Lois Jennings (16) and Mike McCaw (16) proved outstanding all-round performers after achieving gold medals in both patterns and sparring events.
Ellie Richardson won gold for patterns and Andrew Broadfoot was top performer for patterns and sparring.
Michael Sushchyk, of Sterling, first place, boys 13-15 Advanced Kata (Double Crown Winner), second place, boys 13-15 Advanced Sparring, first place, 13-17 Under Black Belt Weapons Kata; and
Proud dad Eddie Calland, 39, was quick to add to the success of his twins, winning silver in the Mens Yellow Belt Heavyweight Sparring division.
Darcie Bradnick, aged seven, silver in girls' under-25 kgs Qingda sparring.
Phil Southern made his mark in the yellow belt mens sparring category, beating all opponents to take the gold medal.
Ethan Skinner, aged 11 of Merthyr, gold in forms, silver in sparring and silver in breaking.
For the seniors, who included Paul Wood, Nick Bentley and Leon Rousell in their team, Karen Mitchell took third place in sparring and Anthony Jackson picked up two trophies - second place continuous and third place point-stop sparring.
Scottish team representative Katie Elliott went one better in the Ladies Black Belt Lightweight Sparring taking second as well as third in the Ladies Black Belt Team Sparring.
Samantha Davies also took first place in the Advanced Girls Traditional Southern Open Hand Form event while the other medal winning displays came from; Nathan Gemmell in the Boys Intermediate +50kgs Qingda Sparring, Jack Smith in the 9/10 years Boys Novice Qingda Sparring, Lloyd Baxter in 11/12 years Boys Intermediate Qingda Sparring, Ashley Humphries in 13/14 years Boys Novice Qingda Sparring, Samantha Davies in 12/14 years Girls +50kgs Qingda Sparring, Rebecca Pritchards in 13/14 years -50kgs Qingda Sparring, Nathan Hill in 13/14 years Boys Advanced Qingda Sparring, Todd Flanagan-Jones in the 15 years Boys Advanced Qingda Sparring.
Siblings Dakota and Lincoln Littler were delighted with their bronze medals in girls patterns and boys lightweight sparring, respectively.
Martin Scott added to the haul with a medal at the under-75kg continuous sparring section in the national superleague in Birmingham.