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Thus, to improve the effectiveness and robustness of infrared target detection, this paper proposes an improved hybrid method which is based on local sparse representation and contrast.
Then it is decomposed into a background matrix and a foreground matrix, where the background matrix is low rank, and the foreground matrix is group sparse.
Sparse Labs has a lightweight Android application which assists restaurants in tracking and optimizing their in-house delivery fleet, by sending a delivery-persons site to both the restaurant and the user in real-time, as well as giving the delivery-person route information.
Sparse Coding and Its Applications in Computer Vision
Therefore, compressed sensing is widely used in the image processing, where sparse solutions used for facial image identification or expression classification are a new direction in related fields.
To achieve better imaging performance, sparse reconstruction is commonly used, and the continuous space needs to be discretized to a fine grid and target-scattering centers are assumed to be exactly located at the center of these prediscretized grids [3].
In sparse modeling, there is need to design an appropriate dictionary.
I'm sure in time it'll mould in and become Coronation Street but it is quite new and sparse.
A female member of a hook-and-loop fastener formed of a fibrous material, the female member engageable with a mating male member, the female member comprising: a plurality of lines of dense fiber portions in which the fibrous material has a high basis weight; and a plurality of lines of sparse fiber portions provided between the dense fiber portions, the fibrous material in the sparse fiber portions having a basis weight lower than in the dense fiber portions, and wherein the dense fiber portions are continuous convex ribs which are formed on the fibrous material being piled up, and the sparse fiber portions are continuous concave grooves provided between the ribs.
The trouble is that these sparse arrangements, coupled with the generally slow pace of the tracks can get a little oppressive, her strong, controlled, held notes overwhelming any meaning in the lyrics which, ironically, she clearly is intent on putting across.
It is argued that recognition of objects in mammalian brain follows a sparse representation of responses to bar-like structures.
Sparse microwave imaging is a new concept that combines microwave imaging and sparse signal processing.