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2 we can find that the accuracies seem to oscillate according in different sparseness coefficient s.
Speaking on behalf of the judging panel, the state library's Mitchell Librarian, Richard Neville said: "All the Birds, Singing draws the reader into its rhythm and mystery, through wonderfully and beautifully crafted prose, whose deceptive sparseness combines powerfully with an ingenious structure to create a compelling narrative of alienation, decline and finally, perhaps, some form of redemption.
There's a clearness to Legend's singing that's mesmerizing, and the sparseness of the show allowed the listener to marvel at his vocal dexterity, the way he effortlessly jumps from a rich, warm tenor to falsetto, the way each transition stokes an emotional reaction.
Though it is easy to criticize this work for lacking the things that those accustomed to interacting with contemporary translations find commonplace, the sparseness of this edition does provide a valuable service--by removing the paratext typically associated with translations, Gardner's edition brings the beauty of the Gawain poet's story and writings to the fore.
Travel But despite this sparseness, the earth is literally alive with geothermal pools, geysers and steaming sulphur holes.
This set represents a compilation that he developed over many years, and his introductory essay explains that the relative sparseness of studies about Korea in comparison with China or Japan, for example, is a situation that is gradually changing.
The core of this new modalist account is a sparseness restriction, such that an object's essential properties are those sparse properties it has in every world in which it exists.
The pieces encompass many moods, spanning dense explosiveness and reflective sparseness, with Lewis Wright's vibraphone acting as a bridge between the spheres of jazz and classical ways.
The site is interspersed with an abundance of links, conveying a cavernous depth that compliments its unintimidating sparseness.
Its playful use of nonsense lyrics and sparseness of musical notation she sees as the very embodiment of charivari.
The viewer's curiosity about the interior spaces is piqued by the relative sparseness of windows and doors, but one is granted only limited access inside through the narrow slits of rectilinear portals.
Abse, from Cardiff, added: "I admire his sparseness of language and the sudden spurt of feelings he puts into his poems.