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Image self similarity within neighborhoods are exploited by local filters, learned dictionaries by sparse coding which usually utilize the sparsity from external training data (Olshausen, 2000).
LCA is applied to enforce sparsity on a dictionary of Gabor wavelets.
It reveals the sparsity of knowledge about the subject and comes from their traditional right wing stance on most economic issues.
To this end, we introduce a sparsity index based on binary entropy to extract a significantly dimensioned reduced, and less sparse, data matrix more suitable for using an appropriate and established clustering technique.
One approach uses a Bayesian method combined a gaussian model for the measurements and a Laplacian model for the sparsity [22].
As is always the case when a new industry attempts to establish itself, there is a sparsity of skilled individuals to work within it.
They convey a shared fondness for sparsity, symbolism and modern techniques.
And while this is an excellent indicator of the power and diversity of a new industry coming to our area, it also shows a sparsity of homegrown skills in this sector.
The second chapter on treatment includes a literature review which highlights the sparsity of high level research in this field.
More broadly, Burbery effectively contrasts frequent and detailed textual cues for visualizing Samson Agonistes on stage to the sparsity of such elements in Elizabeth Cary's Mariam, Queen of Jewry and in other closet dramas by Fulke Greville, Samuel Daniel, William Alexander, George Buchanan, and even Byron and Shelley.
But along with the uncomfortable voyeurism, there is a certain glamour and lavishness to contrast with the sparsity of the set.
If presenting a murder mystery presents problems, it's not because of the difficulty of the roles, he said, but because of their sparsity.