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By history's frequently brutal dialectic, the good that we call progress often comes spasmodically, in lurches propelled by tragedies caused by callousness, folly or ignorance.
That process will continue this week and could provide a breakthrough that would boost the Doha Round talks that have continued spasmodically since November 2001.
While dancing with a young gentleman to whom she was engaged, she turned pale and gasped spasmodically for breath, tottered, and then fell.
Interrupting the child's hand motion by means of noncontinuous editing techniques, the artist makes this coiled shape spasmodically increase and decrease in amplitude, appear and disappear at various points of execution.
Libya's exports trickle out TOBRUK: Libya's Tobruk oil refinery is spasmodically exporting cargoes despite the closure of its outlet port, to allow it to continue operating to supply the local market, a state oil company official said.
What is more, not only do we have unprecedented geological, weather and climate conditions occurring spasmodically, surely a warning in itself, but we also have the radiation clusters in other parts of the UK.
The Lions had to rely on their kicks because their game only clicked into gear spasmodically.
The government's writ runs spasmodically here and there; gangsters thrive in no-go areas and at the first chance the Muslim Brotherhood government will be turfed out.
Soon she feels herself begin to move on her own, spasmodically, her body taking over beyond where her mind is willing to go, some basic recklessness taking her as it has in the past beyond barriers she is not able consciously to confront yet; and at some juncture in this journey an awareness manifests itself to her like a light in the darkness--to go on feeling beyond what she has already learned how to feel will require giving herself over to him, not to his power as a man, nothing so illusory as that, but to his human touch, the feeling in him that seeks feeling in her; and when the fear kindled by that thought diminishes, a surge of emotion rises in her that must surely be love, some limitless wave of feeling that sweeps over and through her in seemingly endless pleasure and happiness.
The Sunni monarchy had failed to restore stability after last year's uprising, still continuing spasmodically, by the Shia majority.
During her childhood her birth mother spasmodically re-entered her life, and when she was 10, social workers tried to prepare her for a permanent reunion.
The river looked in perfect nick, with a little flow and colour, but the bream responded only spasmodically.