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Percent EPT decreased in riffles after the spate, but increased in pools, as indicated by a significant habitat X spate interaction term (Table 2, Fig.
Mr Jones added that he did not consider that the reasons why Mr Spate had taken the overdose should be a matter for a public hearing.
A huge spate can also cause mass fatalities in tiny fish.
To stem the spate of burglaries, patrols in various parts of Nicosia are organised every night.
We are hoping it is a case of 'London bus syndrome' - an isolated spate of incidents involving a tiny minority of racegoers rather than a trend.
Certain films such as Kill Bill and some rap music can be blamed for the spate of violence, he suggested.
Spate has more than 15 years of experience managing and growing partner business in the European channel.
BOAT owners who use Welsh harbours have been warned to secure their craft following a spate of thefts of marine equipment.
and no, the actor-singer did not marry Rock Hudson back in the '70s, as a spate of pesky gay rumors suggested.
A spate of recent incidents underscores the dangers of government usurpation of religious symbols and phrases.
When Bukuru "the madman" becomes a suspect in the drowning of a young woman, it is soon suggested that he also may be responsible for a recent spate of rapes and murders.
Have a spate of recent books on the papacy been robbing Peter to pay for publicity?