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Angling-wise, such spates cause massive shifts of gravel which will damage many productive salmon pools by destroying lies and shallowing them up.
Karim Nawaz, hailing from Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, who conducted the research in Sindh, said the spate system needs to be developed for irrigation, drinking water, livestock, and recharging underground water systems.
To test for significant differences between habitat types and spate condition, nonparametric multi-response permutation procedures (MRPP) were used.
Mr Jones added that he did not consider that the reasons why Mr Spate had taken the overdose should be a matter for a public hearing.
Certain films such as Kill Bill and some rap music can be blamed for the spate of violence, he suggested.
Just a few years ago it was hard to find a commentary on Proverbs to recommend; now there are a spate of them (by Clifford, Murphy, Perdue, and Van Leeuwen), and Fox's contribution is among the very best.
It is also a significant recommitment to the City of Norwalk, which has recently seen a spate of relocations of notable corporations into the town including Diageo PLC North America, FactSet, GE Commercial Finance, Graham Capital and Tauck Tours in addition to expansions of local firms already in residence such as Gibbs College Norwalk.
After a spate of food poisoning that resulted in 138 deaths and more than 7,000 cases of serious illness during 2002, the Chinese government has approved the creation of the new China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).
Among the first of an expected spate of books about the collapse of Arthur Andersen, this is no quickie recap by a journalist, rushed out to exploit ongoing interest in the subject, but a thoughtful look back by a group of former Andersen organizational experts.
Their Brazilian brethren fought wild swings of investor confidence in 2002 and now grapple to reduce costs after a spate of mergers and acquisitions.
The Office took heat over a recent spate of ads linking drug users with terrorists.