speak against

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They have reached out to radical Islamists to speak against the GE-len movement and vilify the movement.
Russia and China support the formation of a multipolar model of international relations, call for building a fairer global economic system and speak against the expansion of military alliances, he said.
The Formby dad-of-two is due to speak against Mr Nadim over allegations of sexual discrimination against two former female employees who quit the firm in September last year.
We went to the city council planning committee to speak against it, as did many of our neighbours.
Coun Peter Maughan, who was refused permission to speak against the application, said: "This was a very controversial application.
Nano origins: Took off in the 1970s but probably began in the late 1950s when US physicist Richard Feynman famously declared: "The principles of physics, as far as I can see, do not speak against the possibility of manoeuvring things atom by atom.
The campaigners gathered outside Transport House on Cathedral Road, Cardiff - the home of the capital's Labour Party - for an hour yesterday to speak against the Echo-backed Metrix development at St Athan.
A) I feel it is every citizen's responsibility to speak out for what they think is right and speak against what they think is wrong.
They would have been correct to speak against killing but not against one method of doing so.
a call for us all to speak against current injustices and to make a safe way for forthcoming generations.
I told them that if I accepted, I would speak against the government's decision to end its leprosy campaign,' he recalls.