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Christiana Ehidiame, Special Assistant, Gender from Esan North East
S&P indicated that the GLS Special Servicer ranking of average was based on, among other factors, the firm's limited asset recovery track record and special servicing history, due largely to the fact that there have been very few loans under GLS's purview which have required special servicing, thereby limiting actual historical performance.
One avenue to address issues of insufficient teacher preparation and teacher retention in special education has been to provide targeted training through the use of ongoing professional development.
This research study has three goals: (1) to discover Kuwaiti special education teachers' attitudes toward students with autism, (2) to update and educate Kuwaiti special education teachers with regard to autism, (3) to suggest recommendations for the future.
The Olympic Games represent the clearest example of a special event given the international participation and broad-based viewing audience.
But no amount of preaching about special teams will impact your kids unless you put your money where your mouth is in terms of personnel and practice time.
It was not uncommon for educators completing special education census counts to lay out reams of green bar paper in hallways and cross check and hand count names," recalls Sam Dempsey, division director exceptional children programs for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Schools.
In these cases, the Tax Court judge assigned to take action on the special trial judge's report invoked none of the means Rule 183(c) provides to supplement the record.
But Robinson does go into detail about two of the most important jobs from the major-combat phase of the war--SCUD-busting in the western Iraqi desert and special reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines.
Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver as a nonprofit organization in 1968, the Special Olympics began as a day camp for mentally disabled children and adults, promoting the therapeutic effects of physical fitness and sports.
Replaced some of January editorial with BSE coverage; special issue of Pro Farmer newsletter; comprehensive coverage on AgWeb.