special concern

See: emphasis
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Adam indicated that the budget of East Sudan Development and Rehabilitation Fund for the year 2016 has given a special concern to the provision of services.
He expressed special concern about those players embroiled in five-set matches, or exposed to direct sunlight on the outside courts.
The council, which will show special concern for improving cooperation among the chambers for their technological and research developments, will also consider promoting investments in Madinah.
Kuwaiti leadership attaches special concern to the students and their needs for they constitute the foundation for the national development strategy, said the Kuwaiti ambassador to Bahrain Sheikh Azzam Mubarak Al-Sabah.
Intensification of activities by religious and extremist organizations, which aim to promote radical Islam and to set up khaliphate (Islamic state) is of a special concern, said Prosecutor General Elmurza Satybaldiev during session of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Legislation, State Order, Rule of Law and Human Rights.
Certainly, the ongoing AIDS crisis has taught us to be mindful of our health care concerns associated with sex, but doctors and researchers now know other ways in which our needs are unique; mental health--as evidenced by the study from the Journal of Health and Social Behavior (above right)--is of special concern as well.
The assessment determined that the use of mercury in certain products poses a "high-priority, special concern.
He concluded that although the coast was unlikely to be suitable for a national park, it did deserve and require special concern from planning authorities.
Match referee Craig Thomson's report was submitted yesterday and there were no areas of special concern arising from Sunday's cup tie.
The half-day event will cover safety issues of special concern to contractors, builders, excavators and landscapers.
The spotted turtle also has been found on the site, but its state status as a species of special concern was removed in 2006.
This is of special concern because the teen years are times when lifelong dietary habits are being developed and because kids who eat more fruits and vegetables have stronger bones.

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