special interest

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0: Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth With Autism Spectrum Disorder
It is to be hoped the Binns building does not go the way of other buildings of special interest in Middlesbrough in recent times, namely the Odeon, North Riding Infirmary and Scientific Institute, for example.
After all, elections should be about voters--not special interest donors.
Terry also examines the context in which American foreign policy is shaped, from the impact of popular culture to the power of certain ethnic special interest groups such as Jewish American organizations.
For years, reformers have argued that political candidates should get free TV time to run campaign ads, in order to lower campaign costs and thereby reduce the need for special interest money.
The LEO system can put you in touch with other professionals across the country or with numerous special interest groups.
One hesitates to repeat that this too may emerge as a special interest group, though the accusation of divisiveness is easily dispensed with: Conquest considers his Association the first step in the formation of a grander global collectivity bringing together democratic countries.
Recent populist exhortations to rescue government from the special interests and give it back to the people have a fatal flaw, Jonathan Rauch, author of Demosclerosis (1994), observes in the New Republic (June 6, 1994).
Senator John McCain added his voice to the chorus: "We've got to limit special interest influence over our courts.
A thouthful author's pessimism about special interests
Domestic terrorist groups represent extreme right-wing, extreme left-wing, and special interest beliefs.

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