special jury

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special jury

formerly, a jury whose members were drawn from some profession or rank of society as well as possessing the usual qualifications for jury service.

SPECIAL JURY. One selected in a particular way by the parties. A panel is made out, and each party is entitled to strike from it the names of a certain number of jurors, as provided for by the local statutes, and from those who remain, the jury in that case must be selected. This is also called a struck jury.

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Hisham Zaman's "Before Snowfall" was named the best film from the Arab world, and there was a separate special jury award for a film from the Arab world for "Villa 69", helmed by Ayten Amin.
conclusion that the Court once used a special jury of merchants,
A Special Jury Prize was awarded to Mohanad Yaqubi and Sami Said for their Palestine-UAE co-production "Mutasalilun" (Infiltrators).
Creator Ian Fenton said: "For Time Machine to be nominated for the BUFVC national Learning On Screen Awards at the BFI in London alongside such prestigious productions from the BBC and National Portrait Gallery was amazing; to win the Special Jury Prize was quite unexpected and is a real testament to the ambition and hard work that the creative team and everyone at the cinema put in to bring the project to life.
The audience favorites in world cinema were the documentary "Searching for Sugar Man," which also won a special jury award, and the drama "Valley of the Saints," which also claimed the Alfred P.
The 2011 Ulysses Awards were handed over last night at UNWTO Algarve Forum on Tourism and Science in Vilamoura, Portugal to a series of State institutions, private enterprises and non-profit organizations including: Awards For innovation in governance, Awards For Innovation in Enterprises, Awards For Innovation in Non-Governmental Organizations and Special jury Awards.
But how the film won the Special Jury prize is a mystery, given its over-reliance on symbolism XXX storyline.
But quite how the film won the Special Jury Prize is a mystery.
NNA - The Special Jury Award for the most remarkable billboard campaign went to the private advertising agency Spirit ME, for Al Hadaf classified ads newspaper during the annual Pikasso d' Or ceremony held at the Pavillon Royal - Biel.
A Special Jury Prize of AED20,000 goes to either the winning feature film or documentary.
Felicity Jones, who starred in the movie about a long-distance relationship, received the special jury prize for acting in the movie.
Apart from Bachchan, the most heartwarming applause was reserved for six- year- old Aasna Aslam, a visually challenged girl who received a special jury award for her sensitive performance in Malayalam film Kelkkunnundo.

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