special project

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on 15th April 2016, under special project initiative, in Puthukuddiyiruppu D.
Key proposals covered by the consultation paper include fee rates to meet the PRA's 2015/16 Annual Funding Requirement; fee rates in respect of the Special Project Fee for Solvency II; fee rates for the Special Project Fee for restructuring; and amendment to the PRA Financial Penalty Scheme.
Naveed Saeed, who will now be responsible for key functions at PTCL special project, has a rich profile spanning over 20 years in the telecom sector.
Speaking at a conference in Baghdad held by the JFO under the title (a project to protect journalists), Ziyad al-Ugeli said "the observatory, in cooperation with the interior ministry, launched a special project to protect journalists including mechanisms to facilitate journalists' work.
These award programs are sponsored as special projects of the National FFA Foundation, and the postmark deadline for submitting state winning applications to NAAE is May 15, 2005.
The graduate MIS computing courses can be grouped into the following three broad categories: (1) general computing courses, (2) advanced computing courses, and (3) special projects.
He cited the use of law firms for special projects, litigation, international tax issues, and occasionally contacts and expertise in various localities.
Alan says: "This was a particularly special project for the Ground Force team and one that we will never forget.

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