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Histological examination and special stain analysis revealed presence of H.
By adding few special stains such as Sudan black B (SBB) (2) (and not myeloperoxidase as SBB has a little more sensitivity in detecting myeloblasts which is the crucial point), plus a non-specific esterase stain as [alpha]-naphthyl acetate esterase it becomes possible to recognize AML-M1 and most cases of AML-M5a (3).
Multiple sections can be obtained if required for special stain or IHC study.
1] The most frequently used special stain is a polyclonal anti BCG- antibody.
Other disorders with prominent epidermal hyperplasia that may rarely mimic hypertrophic lupus erythematosus (HLE) include deep fungal infections that are typically special stain and/or culture positive (A) and perforating disorders.
Romanowsky stain could help in the recognition of stroma and some special stain like PAS-D and mucicarmine would definitely help for detection of intracellular mucin.
As the pioneer in bringing automation to the fast-growing special stain market, CytoLogix will continue to take all necessary actions to protect our extensive investments and developments in this technology," said Bogen.
These changes have been well brought about by special stain, PTAH, which stains fibrinoid material.
So once daily process controls, such as maintenance logs, temperature charts, special stain control slides, and solution-changing records were totally adapted in all areas, we started down the road to real QA.

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