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Sapolin contends that the special-interest titles are exposing the This Old House brand to a new audience.
Another would be to send Congress a budget resolution that axed virtually every special-interest appropriation, subsidy, and tax preference--and to note that he would prepare a report to the American people providing chapter and verse on which members of Congress restored which schemes in the name of which special interests and would read the appropriate items from that report in a number of states and districts come next election season (a virtual declaration of war against Congress).
The special-interest crowd abhors voting districts that include a rich mix of voters, thus forcing candidates to compete over ideas.
Two of the measures on the upcoming ballot are special-interest bond proposals, one for children's hospitals and one for embryonic-stem-cell research).
Bush has decided to challenge the special-interest fund raising of Sen.
It was Smith's connection to Bernson, as well as his campaign's heavy reliance on special-interest funding, that caused many in the Valley to view his candidacy with suspicion.
Instead of being a clean city, all the elected council members could be special-interest candidates.
EVERY 10 years, special-interest groups get greedy.
The initiative is phony campaign finance reform that would actually make the playing field of political campaigns even more uneven: Legalizing loopholes for special interests, forcing California taxpayers to spend millions funding special-interest political ads and giving millionaire candidates a big advantage, making politics even more of a rich man's game.
Special-interest money that finances a recall is corruption in government at its highest, and special-interest money that comes from outside the candidate's jurisdiction is outrageous.
Special-interest groups have been quick to realize the advantages of getting everyone to chip in a little to support their projects.

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