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The topics of the three special-interest publications -- plus a fourth one on renovations set to debut in 2001 -- were determined by focus groups and readership studies.
Identifying all the special-interest ripoffs and bagging them all at once sounds like a great idea.
Foley explains that to maintain and expand circulation, many business and special-interest consumer magazines employ a mix of paid subscriptions with what is known in industry terms as "controlled circulation.
Under the traditional understanding of representative government, special-interest groups who dissent from government policy are invited to lobby and persuade and have the same right as every other citizen to vote their interest in elections.
The AFSMI Self-Maintenance Special-Interest Group leadership is as follows: Chair, Bruce Nelson (Sourcing Professional, ExpressPoint Technology Services); and Vice Chair, Douglas Hunt (Manager, Worldwide Remote Service Development, Digital and Film Imaging Systems, Eastman Kodak).
PDV produces and distributes television series, including Canoe & Kayak and American Baby, television specials, cable networks and special-interest videos.
Should this shameful special-interest campaign block legislative action on a responsible solution, I will join Gov.
The five so-called ``leading candidates'' have collected millions of dollars from special-interest individuals and organizations, while my preferred candidate, Walter Moore, hasn't collected anything from them.
He has taken more big corporate special-interest money per hour than any governor in California history - now he's trying to take away a law that's already on the books to help Wal-Mart and other large businesses that could be on the hook for millions of dollars in legal damages for cheating their employees out of meals and rest breaks.
Then, during the spring primary, the party that controls the rigged ``district'' carefully spoon-feeds its corralled voters a pre-selected candidate awash in special-interest campaign funds.

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