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As research suggests, however, simply having one required course in multiculturalism and having a limited exposure to minority clients without emphasis on specialized training is not enough for students to provide effective, culturally-sensitive treatment to minority clients (Ponterotto, 1998).
And detectives from various Valley divisions who lean on the officers from specialized units for undercover work are also disenchanted.
Granted there is a thin line separating a specialized search engine from a large, searchable Website.
It is well suited to companies experiencing rapid strategic expansion into global markets and diversifying into a variety of business lines, each focused on a niche market requiring specialized expertise.
Applications dedicated to Web page development provide many "bells and whistles" However, a viable Web presence can be established without specialized software, using the applications in the popular software suites.
Specialized home and community-based services are important to persons with disabilities because these services enhance the care that families and other informal caregivers provide and, equally important, these specialized services give the families and other informal caregivers a needed break from the constant demands of patient care.
Officers and supervisors in specialized units may lose a sense of identity with personnel in other sections of the department.
Seeking and hiring administrators with specialized management training and experience is the most current development.
Ryan French, Director of Inside Sales and Customer Service Operations, Specialized
The magazine's listing of the world's largest specialized transport companies is ranked by the total maximum carrying capacity of the specialized transport equipment fleet.
Specialized behavioural services--multidisciplinary teams of psychologists, social workers, nurses, behaviour therapists and other professionals who can assess and design supports to address unique behavioural needs.
Basically, Layer 7 is tightly integrated with the application infrastructure and specialized application Layer 7 functionality is more appropriately delegated to an appliance-based device than to a switch.

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