specialized language

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Assisted by Giuseppe Proietti, we started to read the trades, but we understood very little of the specialized language, the rules of the distribution business and their pricing system.
NYC Data Science Academy also trains its students in Hadoop, a specialized language for very large data sets.
These qualities make his work an ideal record for the new generation that is attempting to preserve and renew its culture and language: his matter-of-factness and precision give us an understanding of the details of traditional Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi life and the specialized language that describes it.
This issue's lead Continuing Education article, "The current and ideal state of anatomic pathology patient safety" by Stephen Spencer Raab, MD, is deeply rooted in the science, technology, and practices of the AP lab, but it also uses specialized language that readers might normally associate with the social sciences--psychology, educational theory, etc.
When that connection grows weak, scholarship becomes increasingly abstract, like a specialized language that one needs specific qualifications to speak or understand.
of Hawaii), Yajima, and Lin introduce the specialized language of Chinese law, as well as the nature and substance of the law in general, to students who have had at least two years of Chinese language study.
Perhaps it is because their specialized language is a barrier to communication.
To learn more about specialized language translation services, visit the firm's website at http://www.
Structured * Students are completely immersed into a Immersion mainstream program, without receiving Programs specialized language services.
In addition to general language management and name planning, the society also dealt to some extent with specialized language.
Is there a specialized language or set of dominant values in an organizational subunit that signifies a subculture?
Language will also be an important tool, and the Corps is planning specialized language programs.

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