specialized vocabulary

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Their ability to read and to understand words in a special area of interest, when overlearning the specialized vocabulary, can create many opportunities for reading in high interest materials and generalizing those words to other areas.
provide certified sign language interpreters who are qualified to interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially using any necessary specialized vocabulary.
Of course, every sport has its specialized vocabulary, but only in fishing is a conversation like this possible.
Not only do students need a rich body of word knowledge to succeed in basic skill areas, they also need a specialized vocabulary to learn content area material" (Baker, Simmons, & Kameenui, 1995, p.
A glossary defines specialized vocabulary along with a selected bibliography and Further Information section, and further educational resources are found on, www.
Though clear in format, the language of the book is dense and complex, filled with a specialized vocabulary requiring great reader focus.
Saturated in specialized vocabulary, vivid imagery, and quite a bit of humor, Mr.
The researcher collected the students' written samples, and the students were then supervised in order to identify the use of specialized vocabulary and the management of knowledge about law.
Their appearance and entrance in the specialized vocabulary of this scientific field directly contributed to the enrichment of its knowledge corpus.
Undoubtedly, specialized vocabulary in teaching ESP is a primary goal and a fundamental and important component in the course of learning (Liuoliene, Metiuniene 2012: 56).
Legal linguistics or judicial linguistics studies specialized vocabulary of the legal field, representing a discipline in the francophone area (Francois Geny, Gerard Cornu, Jean Claude Gemar) with Legal Terminology and legal discourse as object of study.
He then explains in intricate detail just how the structure was created, so that by the end the reader has become a near expert on the architecture of the given period, with all its specialized vocabulary, not to mention the surrounding society.

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