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Union Minister appreciated the work in field of education for specially abled children by Shri Rambhadracharya, to whom Government of India in recognition of his services has conferred PadmaVibhushan.
20, and as part of this bill, specially authorized courts created by Article 10 of the Counterterrorism Law (TMK) will be completely abolished.
SPECIALLY SELECTED WILD LOBSTER TAILS (on sale from December 21) The show-stopping luxury starter that will set the tone for dinner - at a bargain price.
99 (4-6kg) SPECIALLY SELECTED FRESH BRITISH THREE BIRD ROAST New this Christmas, the fresh duck, turkey and wild pheasant with pork and orange stuffing is ideal for those looking for a gourmet experience - or who can't decide what meat to have as the main.
com has been specially created for the Dubai Shopping Festival.
New Delhi, Mar 15 (ANI): Activist Javed Abidi, fighting for the cause of specially abled people, believes that awareness and sensitization among disabled people is the biggest challenge for their enumeration in 2011 census.
HT 290 is a silicone-free processing additive that is specially designed for fluoro-elastomers.
New grades of Vestamid nylon 12 and 612 are designed to be coextruded with a polyolefin tie layer and an inner tubing layer of a specially tailored PP.
Therefore, o nly highly skilled, specially trained LON Works electricians should be supervising such installations.
If an insurance transaction involves both an insured in a targeted country or one who is listed as a Specially Designated National and a person or property subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, the transaction could violate U.
The specially constructed grilles screen horizontal sunlight and provide walkways for cleaning and maintenance of the external glazing at both levels.

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