specially provided for

See: privileged
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A handsome tent was specially provided for the Marchioness and young Marquess of Bute who, with a large and distinguished party, took their seats to witness the pleasing ceremony about nine o'clock.
Speed Demon (Bronze) Break the 186 mph (300km/hr) barrier, in a car not specially provided for an event.
Passengers were invited to wait in the house for the bus and while they sat, in the warm, they read the newspapers specially provided for them.
It provides that "the jurisdiction of the Court comprises all cases which the parties refer to it and all matters specially provided for in the Charter of the United Nations".
2 (Jurisdiction), the Court's decision read as follows: "The Parties in the present [Mavromatis] case agree that Article 26 of the Mandate falls within the category of 'matters specially provided for in Treaties and Conventions in force'.
And we are told that this book is in accord with what they are taught in a course specially provided for them by the Catholic Church.
We contemplated it would take a substantial time to work that out and we specially provided for that in the lease," Malkin added.

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