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Apart from arresting poachers, the Wildlife Department of KP is also making efforts for raising awareness among people about importance of the wild specie in ecosystem.
The supply of specie depended on the colonies' balance-of-payments position, and since the colonies often ran deficits, colonists frequently complained about the absence of "money" (specie).
We have assigned the task to students of Zoology department to investigate reasons behind arrival of new specie of rat, how it arrived and from where, either it is an exotic specie or a local one converted from gray mouse to giant black rat, Professor Zaigham informed.
President Andrew Jackson's specie circular (which required that federal land purchases be paid in gold or silver) or his distribution of the federal surplus or both then served as the precipitating cause or causes that pricked the speculative bubble and ushered in the ensuing hard times (see, e.
The failures of major commercial houses in all three cities became the trigger that set off the suspension of specie payments.
It includes a fossilised pincer as well as part of the tail and sting from a species of 360 million-year-old scorpions, news 24 reported.
In this country, banks could freely operate as any corporation and could even issue as much paper money as they considered necessary or convenient without special capital or specie requirements.
In addition to the merger agreement with Kai, Novogen also announced that in advance of the merger with Kai Medical and subject to shareholder approval, it will undertake a capital reduction and in specie distribution to the Novogen shareholders of the shares of MEI Pharma that it owns.
Scientists and researchers are visiting the area to study this surviving oldest specie of mangroves that is extinct in other areas of the emirate.
As a result VAH is determining an In Specie dividend which will be distributed to VAH shareholders who have acquired shares before the proposed Ex-date on 21 March 2012 on a 1:1 ratio.
The Meaning of Life Sub Specie Aeternitatis, IDDO LANDAU
In July Walters decided to investigate claims by international advocacy groups that the seal hunt is cruel and that the country is harvesting an endangered specie.