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In making prior arrangements, we stressed that agency directors did NOT need to design specific projects for students.
263A-1(e)(2)(i)(B), which provides that such costs include the costs of labor that can be identified or associated with particular units or groups of units of specific property produced.
A buyer's mark-up of a seller's draft purchase agreement that thoughtfully connects specific due diligence issues to specific revisions--rather than inserting wholesale, typical "buyer provisions"--demonstrates to a seller that the buyer has prioritized its issues and is prepared to move forward with the transaction.
The take-home point here: Don't waste precious time and effort with practice drills that are in no way related, or merely "similar," to the specific movements required in competition.
Like its qualitative counterpart, quantitative risk assessment relies on site visits, discussions, and other systems analysis methodologies to identify risks, but it uses numeric calculations to estimate the likelihood and impact of losses associated with specific vital records series.
The first component of the strategy is to select agents that induce specific types of toxicity in both rodent models and humans.
Because they function only with specific applications, changes to the application or backup package might require a corresponding change in the agent.
Global hope is not yoked to anticipated success in working toward any one specific goal.
Forecasting depends primarily on historical analysis of cyclic, periodic, or specific events.
Prior to the revision, an institution that measured specific risk with an internal model that adequately measured such risk was subject to a minimum capital charge.
But these are most often specific shareholders with streamlined interests and questions.
Most program-specific audit guides suggest, rather than require, specific audit procedures and reporting.