specific moment

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It would be difficult to pinpoint a specific moment as we have had so many successes together, but the best moments are when we embrace the scouting spirit and work together towards a common goal.
Older and younger people were asked about events that had occurred at a specific moment (the same for both groups), but for the older adults the time interval that had elapsed since the event was much longer.
In particular, she suggests that Joan's achievements might have more to do with a specific moment in history, rather than divine intervention.
A: I'm not waiting for a specific champion but I'm definitely waiting for a specific moment.
Crenshaw explains that he will “tailor a specific, all natural, holistic program based on the results of that test, which reveals what your body's specific needs are right at that specific moment in real time.
On the contrary, this specific moment will yet prove itself as the defining moment, which will help shape the way banks think about providing support to a critical sector of our national economy.
I don't know if there was one specific moment when the penny dropped.
It is part of the effort to stamp out spot-fixing, the practice of making certain a specific event happens at a specific moment so sums can be wagered.
Herbert, who lives in Estepona, on the Costa del Sol, where he runs a boxing gym, told jurors: "At that specific moment in my life, I realised that my existence had been pointless and meaningless.
I'm still a Chelsea player and I want them to do well, but at that specific moment in time I was an Aston Villa player and with things being so tight in the bottom half of the table, there was only one outcome I needed.
Madiba often said that he could not pinpoint a moment in his life when he became politicized, a specific moment when he knew that he would spend his life in the liberation struggle," he said.
Given the history of issues of race, class, gender and "red lining," I wanted to use my observation of a specific moment, tied to a racialized incident, to demonstrate the difficulty in maintaining traditional moral and social positions--such as "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong.

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