specific moment

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If you see Barcelona playing in a specific moment they give the ball to (Lionel) Messi: that is a good idea and I'd do the same.
We work for each other, they didn't change attitude, they were smart enough to use Phil in a specific moment and now they use each others in a specific moment.
I'm not free of that especially if we score a winning goal in a specific moment, I'm not free to have an out of control reaction but what I was trying to say was I behaved bad a few times and in this moment I control myself much better, doesn't mean that my passion is not the same.
We do not design for a specific moment but for the future,' Stern explained.
The atmosphere in each painting embodies the emotional response she had to a particular view at a specific moment, a record of her feelings throughout the seasons.
com/live-feed/is-us-flashback-standalone-episode-961886) The Hollywood Reporter the episode would revisit a specific moment from the premiere.
content applicable to a specific moment in time, said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element.
But you have to make decisions in a specific moment.
For an unknown reason, at a specific moment I had the urge to go out and speak to him.
Dr Sam Parnia, of the University of Southampton, said: "Contrary to perception, death is not a specific moment but a potentially reversible process that occurs after the heart, lungs and brain cease functioning.
Those thoughts are presumably idiosyncratic to you as an individual, and they're also potentially unique to that specific moment.

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