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In contrast, specificity is the ability of a measurement instrument to correctly identify persons without a disease or condition.
Classification using Cross Validation 10 Folds Expressed as Percentage for Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity.
He explain that a group of senior researchers from SQU and other Arab universities and research centers participate in this conference, adding that his participation in this conference is entitled " Specificity of Omani Agricultural Term : A Study in the Fiqhi Tradition until the 16th Hijri Century " and it highlights the importance of Fiqhi works of Oman in writing cultural history of Oman, adding that the study contains many Omani agricultural terms that have no parallel in other Islamic sources and thus reflect the specificity of the Omani term.
Accuracy, specificity and sensitivity of tumour and nodal status were measured by comparing a radiological TN stage with histopathological TN stage using 2X2 tables.
Validation of the product, with 250 priorly characterised samples, demonstrated 100% identification of 3,025 known variants and an analytical specificity of 99.
In addition, it is informed by economic theory and compares the effectiveness of centralized and decentralized governance structures depending on asset specificity.
Since Croatian is such a language, the goal of this paper is to provide a comprehensive account of the linguistic structures used in expressing specificity in Croatian.
Sensitivity and specificity for CD24 were calculated using receiver operating characteristic curves.
In defining sensitivity, which is usually easier to recall than the definition of specificity, we first make two consecutive positive assertions: 1.
This data-driven selection of optimal cutoff values is prone to bias, meaning that it can systematically lead to overestimation of the sensitivity and specificity of the test under study.
Vilchez (1) raised questions regarding the specificity of the SV40 viruslike particle (VLP)-based ELISA used to detect SV40 infection in temple monkeys (2).
Key selection criteria will include fibrin specificity and other parameters important for stroke.

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